*Homes valued less than $1.2 Million are only charged a flat fee.

Services Franchise Brokers FIRST AMERICAN
Search Homes for Sale Yes, but limited   Member of 10 Listing Boards!
Ads on 500 Websites   Maybe   YES  
Professional Photos   Maybe   YES  
Virtual Tours   Maybe   YES  
Live Phone Operators   NO   YES  
30+ Years Experience   Maybe   YES  
Open House  Maybe  YES 
Transaction Fee Yes NO
Storage Fees Yes NO

New Technology = Savings + Full Service

  • Free to sell your home yourself & Pay No Commission
  • Cancel and Pay Nothing
  • Buyers: Get $2,750.00 Rebate when you purchase using First American Real Estate

What we’re about

At First American Real Estate, we are all about recognizing that the real estate business is continually changing.  To keep up with the changes we step back from the crowd and try to design real estate services for both buyers and sellers that are contemporary, unique and keep up with the times.  At the end of the day, we’re just trying to figure out how we can give you choices and save you money throughout the process. Since 1998 Gary Arnold has offered this fee for service Real Estate listing program. This is full service representation, offering more services than typical brokerages, greater exposure and you retain the right to sell your home. Why wouldn’t list with us??